OpeningClouds is dedicated to providing leading edge cloud services consulting to our customers. Our expertise in Microsoft based products comes from decades of real world corporate and enterprise consulting and deployments, allowing our customers to maximize 


The team at OpeningClouds has been in the IT industry for 20 years. Those years of experience allow us to bring our customers a wide variety of services and skills necessary to help grow your business by servicing your IT needs and becoming a trusted technical advisor.

Some of the industries where we have worked:

  1. Hosted Services
  2. Pharmaceuticals
  3. Financial
  4. Not-for-Profit
  5. Banking
  6. Manufacturing
  7. Government
  8. Insurance

OpeningClouds has certifications in the following areas:

  1. MCSE - Communication
  2. Microsoft Virtualization
  3. Managing and implementing a Microsoft Mobile Infrastructure
  4. VMware ESX
  5. Microsoft Lync
  6. Microsoft Office 365
  7. Windows Server