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Adding Bulk Users to Office 365 via Portal

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

In our previous post we went over how to get your users on Office 365 by creating users on the Portal. Well that was tedious, one at a time, that will take way to much time for you to do. Thankfully we can bulk add users to the tenant, here is how we do that.

Borrowing from the past posts lets go back to the logon page HERE.

Enter your credentials to log on

On the landing page for the tenant click Users, Active Users

In Active Users click the More box.

Click Import multiple users

Now here is the fun part. You are going to download a file from the Portal. Because you are new to this its recommended to Download a CSV file with headers only.

With the file open, you are going to have to fill in the following information for your users. The first 4 are MANDITORY while the others are optional and useful.

  1. User Name. How do you want your users to log on to your tenant. Like the last post its your choice how to name your users as long as they are UNIQUE and includes the tenants email address, or Vanity domain.

  2. First Name . Users First name or Given name

  3. Last Name. Users Last name or Surname

  4. Display Name. How you want the users name Displayed

  5. Job Title. Users Job title

  6. Department. Users Department

  7. Office Number.

  8. Office Phone. Users Office phone number

  9. Mobile Phone. Users Mobile phone number

  10. Fax. Office Fax number

  11. Address. Office Street Address

  12. City. City where the Office is located

  13. State or Province. State or P

  14. Province where office is located

  15. ZIP or Postal Code. Office ZIP or postal code

  16. Country or Region. Country or Region where office is located

The file you downloaded is a .CSV or comma delimited file. Its very basic where the data above is laid across the file in headers (top row of a column).

Fill in the info you want for your users and save it. Save it someplace you want to get it again. You will probably use it again.

Back in the portal you are now going to take the file you created and upload it into the portal.

You are going to click Browse here and locate the file you created.

Its always good to verify the file, you could have an error in it.

In this case there was an extra line in the file with no data, so it errored out. After fixing the file and a good verify you can proceed

Click Next

The process isn't completely automatic, you still have to assign users licenses. You can choose NOT to assign licenses at the bottom as well but you want your users up and running as fast as you can have them.

Results ! All users were created and an Email will be send to the admin with their automatically generated passwords. Click Send and Close

Your instance how has more users in the portal. You will either have to assign licenses or other services to the users but at least you have a starting point now for them.

Sample email from the Portal to the Admin you chose to get the mail.

Hope you see the value of bulk additions. Its a little more work in Excel but in the end its less work in the Portal. Good luck !

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