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Add Office 365 Email to Outlook 2016

If your new to Outlook 2016 and Office 365 this guide should help you setup your email setup on a PC. This article assumes Office is already installed.

Click on the Outlook Icon in the Task Bar

Outlook launches with the following splash screen

Your Office 365 tenant is setup in DNS for autodiscover, meaning it will search DNS for the Mail records (cname) in your DNS and search for the autodiscovery entry. This will point the Outlook client to Office 365 without you needing to know server names etc.

Here, enter your Email address and Click Connect.

After Outlook has discovered your mail settings, it will move forward with configuring Outlook.

Outlook will prompt you for what mail provider you use. You can use Outlook for almost every mail provider, some with more, or less configuration in the Outlook client.

For our example here, we are connecting to Microsoft 365.

Outlook now asks you to provide your full credentials, username and password.

After a bit, Outlook will come back and say Outlook has been configured. You can take this opportunity to add other email accounts, not covered by this article.

Once Outlook is configured, your free to start sending emails and creating calendar events!

Thanks ! Hope this helps !

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