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Add Office 365 Email to Outlook for Mac

This article will walk you through setting up your Office 365 Email on your Mac using Outlook 2016 for Mac.

Open Finder or Spotlight and search for Outlook. Click on it to start the setup.

Outlook will prompt you for your email address. Enter that in the Email address field

Often times, more than not, Outlook will not match your provider right off. Easy fix, just click Office 365

Outlook will prompt you for your Exchange credentials.

In the Method field, Select Username and Password.

In the Email Address field, Enter your email address.

In the Domain\Username or Email field, Enter your email address again.

In the Password field, Enter your password.

At this point, Outlook will find your mail account by using the build-in Autodiscover.

Check the Always use my response for this server and Click Allow

Office 365 will again ask you to authenticate with your Username and password. Enter them in again and click Sign In

Once authenticated, you are presented with this next screen. This verifies you have completed the setup of your Outlook 2016 for Mac email with Office 365. You can add other email accounts as well but that is not covered here.

Click Done and enjoy getting your Office 365 Email on your Mac

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